Diversity and inclusion

At UGLRL, we value the richness of diversity and promote inclusion with our people.

Attracting, developing and retaining a broad mix of people enriches our company and is essential to our creativity, innovation and business performance.  

We are building diverse and inclusive work environments where our people feel valued and are provided with the tools and career progression opportunities to be successful. As an organisation we have made a strong commitment to local and indigenous employment, furthering UGLRL’s commitment to regional NSW. 

UGLRL has committed to at least 80 percent of its workforce living and working on the CRN, but anticipates this figure will be much higher. UGLRL is also working towards a target of 20 percent indigenous employment on the CRN in the first five years of our operation.  

Our workforce understands what it means to be regional and is committed to the needs of our customers, passengers and communities. 

If you are interested in joining our company and would like to explore our employment opportunities, please head to our careers page.

‘Marra Ngumbaay Murru/Marra Murru’

(Six Tracks/Hand Tracks)
“Mar-ra Noom-bye Moo-roo/Mar-ra Moo-roo"

As part of the establishment of UGLRL, we engaged celebrated indigenous artist, Alfie Walker to create a one-of-a-kind artwork for our organisation. Learn more about the meaning behind the artwork.


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