Our CRN team works within communities and natural environments that are critical to a sustainable future. 

We understand the importance of conducting our operations and delivering our products and services to the highest standard of environmental care and social responsibility. We commit to minimising pollution, conserving natural resources, protecting cultural heritage, reducing waste and driving energy efficiency on the CRN.  

We contribute to a brighter future by balancing environmental, technological, economic and social objectives.  

Through systems and processes, vigilant monitoring and continual improvement, we support excellence.  We do this by recognising that environmental health is a team effort that takes our combined commitment – across our people and all stakeholders. 

We hold an Environmental Protection License (EPL) for railway activities and railway infrastructure operations for the CRN. This license sets operating conditions for the maintenance of critical infrastructure, including operations, on-site repair and replacement of existing railway infrastructure. A copy of this license will be available after our contract commences. 

As a requirement of the EPL, we must have a Pollution Incident Response Management Plan. Our plan is integrated with the overarching business Incident Management Process.

Contact us 

If you are reporting an emergency, please call 000. 

For rail related complaints, questions or compliments please head to our contact us page. 
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