Interface coordination

When discussing interfaces on the CRN, this includes level crossings, road over rail bridges, rail over road bridges, network interface with other rail infrastructure managers (RIMs), livestock routes and waterways. 

A formal written agreement between UGLRL as manager of the CRN and third-parties is required to assess and manage any safety risks at these interface points. These Safety Interface Agreements (SIAs) formalise the obligations of each party to ensure all safety risks are managed. The agreements also describe how the success of arrangements is monitored.

Safety Interface Agreements 

Rolling stock operators need an access agreement with Transport for NSW and a Safety Interface Agreement with UGLRL - both must be executed and valid before the operators are allowed access to the network. 

Other parties who may need an interface agreement with UGLRL include:

  • private siding owners
  • private landowners
  • utility service providers
  • road authorities, and
  • local councils.

Find out more about Interface co-ordination by visiting the Office of the National Rail Safety Regulator website. 

For enquiries about UGLRL’s CRN interface and access agreements please contact us.

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