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UGL Regional Linx, as the operator of the Country Regional Network (CRN) commenced operations on 31st January 2022. As a result UGLRL specific safeworking roles have been created on RIW to reflect the requirements of the business in conducting safeworking duties. From 31st July 2022 current CRN roles that have been accepted for the first 6 months of our operations will cease to exist. Valid UGLRL roles will be required to continue conducting safeworking on the UGLRL CRN.
From Monday 4th July, new network activations will not be processed unless the Protection Officers have valid UGLRL safeworking roles displayed on their RIW profile.  
Please contact your RIW Manager or administrator to ensure your roles are correct and valid.
Please use this Protection Officer resources page and our railway worker competence page for all relevant and current information. 

On this page you will find information and links to Protection Officer reference material, training documents and information to be recognised and activated to conduct safeworking on the UGLRL CRN.

Quick links for Protection Officers:

Protection Officer training and briefing material:

All UGLRL Protection Officer material is available via links below. 
Please download or view the briefing material, and review the applicable UGLRL network rules and procedures prior to attempting assessment.

All assessment material is available via RIW eLearning that can be assigned by your employer or RIW Manager.

For further information regarding mandatory competencies for UGLRL, please visit railway industry worker competence page. 

Please note: Access issues to the RIW eLearning portal can be resolved by contacting the RIW service desk on 1300 101 682 or

Protection Officer Network activation roadmap:

Association with UGLRL:

Please send an email requesting association to with your name, RIW number and date of birth. An association invite will then be sent to you via RIW, please log in to your RIW profile to accept the association request.

UGLRL safeworking roles:
Once an association has been created for you, your employer or RIW Manager can assign the applicable UGLRL roles to your RIW profile.

  • UGLRL – Operator on track
  • UGLRL – Protection Officer level 1 - 4
  • UGLRL – Safeworking level 1 - 2
  • UGLRL – Handsignaller level 1 - 2
  • UGLRL – Track Machine Operator
  • UGLRL – Track Vehicle Operator

All safeworking roles require a UGLRL certificate of competency or recertification.

UGLRL is currently engaging with RTO’s to update and validate training and certification material including gap training for protection officers with qualifications for other networks.

Online Inductions and Assessments:

Once the required roles have been created for you, your employer or RIW Manager can assign the required briefings via RIW eLearning.

  • UGLRL induction (delivered by E-Learning in RIW Code: EL117)
  • UGLRL Critical Risks (delivered by E-Learning in RIW Code: EL118)
  • UGLRL Alternative Train Order (delivered by E-Learning in RIW Code: EL130)
  • UGLRL Siding Protection (delivered by E-Learning in RIW Code: EL129)
  • UGLRL Work on Track Electronic Application PO 1 only (delivered by E-Learning in RIW Code: EL121)
  • UGLRL Work on Track Electronic Application PO 2 - 4 (delivered by E-Learning in RIW Code: EL120)
  • UGLRL Work on Track Electronic Application Vehicles (delivered by E-Learning in RIW Code: EL128)

Apply for Protection Officer Network Activation:

Once all inductions and briefings have been completed, and the required details have been uploaded and validated in your RIW profile. An authorised representative from your Primary Employer must request your network activation on your behalf. This is actioned by sending an email request to

At this time an RIW check will be performed to ensure all UGLRL requirements have been met, and there are no blocks or restrictions applied to your RIW profile. You will be advised by email when the activation is complete and a username and password will be issued for the electronic work on track application.

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